Manitof creates colourful, sparkling and glamorous works, halfway between photography and sculpture. The effect of depth is one of the aspects that characterises his work and makes it so original.

After cutting, collaging and superimposing images, he gives his paintings a surprising, pleasingly deep perspective. His almost real characters seem to step out of the frame. 

This technique allows him to put the artists "on stage" again, such as the remarkable work on the character played by Johnny Depp, the hatter, a colourful character enhanced by Swaroski crystals...

Le chapelier fou
The Beatles - Biophotoportrait

The biophotoportrait

This is another of the artist's favourite techniques. It consists of presenting a person through a chronological succession of images taken each year of his or her life, from shots taken on various occasions since birth.

The photos he selects are made to appear in relief. Bust and face, the image is from the front, cropped then framed in frames included in a large painting, each year being stipulated under the corresponding photo.

At a glance, seeing the different heads of the character at different years in his life is a guaranteed success. The artist is therefore increasingly commissioning works from private individuals: "Celebrating the life and development of each individual can also be very exciting".

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