Guitar Heroes

Genuine Gibson Lespaul guitar.

A tribute to the best rock guitarists in the world. Fifty names of heroe's guitarists, cut out of a sheet of brass, then dipped in a bath of 24-carat gold, then replaced on the body of the guitar.

The oval wooden case is lacquered in black (other colours: red or white), with padded leather interior, brass frame and 24-carat gold-plated metal buttons.

Protected by a sheet of glass

Format : 70x130cm
Weight: 28kg

Numbered series of 15
3 copies available


Authentic Lespaul guitar, Gibson branded.

Tribute to the best rock guitar players in the world. Around fifty guitar players names, cut in a brass sheet, put in a 24cts acidic gold bath, and placed on the guitar body.

Oval black lacquered frame (other colours: red or white), padded leather, brass frame and + buttons put in a 24 cts acidic gold bath.

Protected by a glass sheet

Size : 27x51 inches
Weight : 28 kg

Limited edition 15 pieces
3 pieces available

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